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The Iphone 5g Final Rumors – Infogaphic

Iphone 5g; The rumor that we listen more than a year from the Apple crew may be out for sale really soon. If we can believe the infographic that guys from the nowhereelse.fr created the Iphone 5g will be out for sale at September 12tht. There ate a lot more new features that apple will release on the new Iphone 5. Some of them include brand new design, the bigger screen with at least 4″, it should have new mini-connector with probably 9 of 16 pins, relocated jack port at the bottom of phone, the brand new processor that will probably be the quad-core. The rumors states there will be much more RAM, precisely more than 1GB, the best camera on the cell phones marketplace with at least 10Mpx and brand new Nano-SIM card standard. When it comes to inner capabilities, Iphone 5g will support 4G networks, enhanced Bluetooth capabilities, and a lot more fresh new apps in the marketplace.

When it comes to Iphones, my favorite part are the games and the apps from the iTunes marketplace. So far i enjoyed in games Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and the best one, the Plants vs. Zombies. The reason i can’t wait new Iphone 5g to arrive are the new party poker games that will be available once iphone hit the market. Since i am big fan of online gambling and poker games, but i don’t have free time to visit Las Vegas, the party poker apps will be the ideal selection for me to kill the free time i have.

iphone 5g infographic The Iphone 5g Final Rumors   Infogaphic

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